All in a Row

AllRow1Welcome to my stop on the Moda all Stars ‘All in a Row’ blog hop!

Lissa Alexander had the brilliant idea of a creating a book full of individual rows designed by the Moda designers which you can use to make your own unique quilts. There truly is a row for everyone here.

All the royalties from the book are going to the No Kid Hungry charity – so you can treat yourself to a copy and do a good deed at the same time.

AllRow2AllRow3My ‘row’ partner is Corey Yoder of Little Miss Shabby and I had fun stitching her cute birds!

Hop on over to Corey’s blog to see the row I designed for the book.

You can follow and join in the ‘All in a Row’ fun by looking at #allinarowquiltalong and here on Facebook.

The blog hop details and news of all the fantastic give-aways and fun planned for the quilt-a-long can be found here.

And I have a copy of ‘All in a Row’ to give-away here!

Just leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed your name gets picked!





January 16th, 2016 | Patchwork and quilting | 4 Comments

Cat420wCalling all cat lovers!

I have a quilt pattern just for you!

Now you can can make your very own jointed, moving cat template and use it to create a unique quilt with cats sitting, playing, prowling or simply lying in the sun all over it.

My quilt has nine cats because they have nine lives (the numbers are included in the pattern too).

How many cats will your quilt have?

Cat1420wThe pattern is being launched on Create and Craft TV this Sunday 17th January at 10am and 1pm English time.

During the shows I’ll be demonstrating how to use the jointed template and sharing some of my sewing tips too. It’s always a fun show and I hope you can join me!

Create and Craft TV: Sky 674, Freeview 36, Freesat 813 or Virgin 748

The Cat pattern will also be available in my Etsy shop

Hope you like it!

Fashion design

January 14th, 2016 | Drawing and Painting | 2 Comments

Cover420wDesign1420wDesign2420wWhen I was 13 I wanted to be a fashion designer and spent rather a lot of my time creating my portfolio.

I did actually go on to get a degree in Textiles and Fashion, but discovered I was better at designing the cloth than the garment and the rest is history as they say!


Violet blouse

January 12th, 2016 | Sewing | 1 Comment

Violet420wI usually have a dressmaking project in my work basket. Just quietly lingering there waiting for some attention, but often being over-looked in favour of my next quilt and work deadline. It never seems to be the right time to dressmake.

But I’d really love a handmade wardrobe! My Pinterest wardrobe is simply stunning!

So, I set myself a little challenge with my Violet blouse (even creating my own hashtag for the purpose!) to #be creative first. I decided to just do the next step of the pattern instructions first thing in the morning before doing anything else.

One day I made the darts, the next I’d do some pressing etc and little by little a blouse began to appear without me really noticing. Progress was still slow but still progress nonetheless.

Lauren420wEverything was going quite well until it was time to add the buttonholes. These worry me. Silly I know, but they do.

Fortunately for me (and my blouse) the lovely Lauren at Guthrie and Ghani came to my rescue and offered to help me make my buttonholes whilst I was with her teaching for a few days.

And she did!

VioletFinished420wIt still took me an embarrassing 64 weeks from buying the pattern and choosing my vintage fabric to finishing my blouse though!


January 10th, 2016 | Other | No Comments



I love to sketch with indigo ink and my trusty fountain pen.

Recently I’ve been drawing little bits and bobs that live in my studio and which happen to catch my eye that day.

P.S. the bunnies are china (not real!)

New patterns

January 8th, 2016 | Other | 3 Comments

I’ve been quietly working away on a pair of quilts inspired by a recent trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum (my favourite) and their ‘Fabric of India’ exhibition.

Fabric420wI fell in love with a Kente cloth they had on display. It was very a bold indigo and cream, double woven cloth with very simple and geometric motifs. I started doodling quilt blocks right there and then and came home with two quilts I wanted to make.

Of course, everything looks like a quilt to me (does it you too?)

Block420My quilts will be called Victoria and Albert and I’m making them using all my indigo and cream prints from my Moda fabric collections, so they are scrap friendly!

The patterns for Victoria and Albert will be available in the not too distant future: i.e. when I’ve actually finished them!

View420wThis is Albert! He’s actually jelly roll friendly, but of course I made mine scrappy so lots and lots of cutting…

Betty420wMy Betty has been as much help in the studio as ever.

Wildflowers Quilt

Happy New Year!

I’m back with exciting news for all members of my email club: I’ve been very busy designing our very first exclusive club quilt-a-long pattern!

Each month you’ll receive a free applique template for a wildflower and full instructions on how to piece your beautiful quilt together.

I’m using some oddments for the flowers and my Wordsmith fabric collection which will be in all good quilt shops from February (maybe March in England).

Inspiration1420wI’ve always wanted to make a double Irish Chain quilt, so here’s my chance!

And our wildflower for January is of course, the Snowdrop, because they are the friendliest and most welcome sight in the middle of the gloomiest month of the year.

irishChain420 Sketch420wYou can sign up to my email club here (and please tell all your friends!) and you should receive your Snowdrop pattern in mid January.

Snowdrop420I’m so looking forward to seeing what you all make!

Pride and Prejudice

October 11th, 2015 | Books, Moda fabric, The Wordsmith | 4 Comments

PrideAndPrej420wAs you know, my next fabric line for Moda (due in shops Spring 2016) is based on my ‘The Wordsmith’ book which is all about pressed flowers from a precious bouquet, saved letters and little notes, collecting memories and stitching them into cloth to make quilts to snuggle under and tell your stories with.  

I always try to include some good textural prints in my fabric collections and I think ‘text’ is a good example of one.

I wanted to design something that looked like words on a page (without actually saying anything- we don’t all speak English, or want the same words on our fabric) and was playing in my sketchbook with an old copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ when I realised all I needed to do was to doodle over the words.

So, here is my ‘text’ print. I hope you find lots of uses for it in your quilts.

Only we will know it’s actually Pride and Prejudice and most definitely includes this memorable speech.

Colin Firth is the Mr Darcy in my opinion.



October 9th, 2015 | Moda fabric, Sewing, The Wordsmith | 2 Comments

GypsoInk420wGypsophila420wThis dainty Gypsophila print from my ‘The Wordsmith’ fabric collection is a particular favourite of mine.

As ever I drew and painted from life and sent Moda the original drawings and the resulting fabric is as close to looking at my original painting as it’s possible to achieve.

Gypso1420wGypsoDress420wI have a glamorous vintage dress with gingham bias binding in mind for this fabric and am planning on getting it finished in time to wear to Quilt Market.


I get asked a lot how I find the time to sew and knit and draw.

And the answer does not please many people, because the truth is I don’t find the time (there is no time hiding and waiting to be found) I make the time. 

The dress will be made in the little slips of time between all my other jobs and chores with some late night sewing thrown in for good measure. 

Of course, sometimes I cannot make sufficient time and this may well be the case for my Gypsophila dress but I’m going to have a jolly good try anyway.

Sleep is so last year!

The Wordsmith

October 1st, 2015 | Moda fabric, The Wordsmith | 1 Comment


Wordsmith (n.) one who creates with words

‘The Wordsmith’ is about cherishing the simple things in life. It’s about love letters, little notes and finding pressed flowers in favourite books. Now’s the time to quieten your mind, gather your memories and slowly piece them together with beautiful fabrics to create a lasting cloth to be treasured by generations to come: a quilted memory to cherish.

So come, gather your letters and your threads and be a wordsmith with me.

You can treat yourself to a copy of my new book ‘The Wordsmith’ from my Etsy shop, Amazon or your quilt shop (it’s distributed by Moda too) and thank you to all of you that have already! Your support is much appreciated x


Today I wanted to show you some of my Wordsmith fabric which will ship to quilt shops worldwide from February 2016, sorry it’s a long wait!


However, your favourite quilt shop can place their order for it with their Moda rep now; so if you like what you see please ask your quilt shop to place an order or you won’t be able to make a quilt with it come the Spring!


I’m going to start with the roses print. I always send Moda original paintings and drawings and here they are:





And here is the fabric, in my favourite indigo, cream and grey palette with the addition of a fresh, soft green.


I have my eye on the grey ground with the navy roses for a dress.

The time to make this dress will have to be found here and there amongst my work, chores and family time. But find it I will!