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Not work #2

September 20th, 2010 | Drawing and Painting | 4 Comments

Sitting up late filling my new sketchbook with ideas and colours (an old habit learnt at art school: select your colour palette and then mix large quantities of each colour in jam jars, ready to go at any moment)   inspired by my Field guide to the Night Sky project.


April 28th, 2010 | Drawing and Painting | 6 Comments

I’ve got plenty of things to do. Some things even have deadlines. Soon. But, instead I’m drinking too much coffee and enjoying the spring sunshine like I have all the time in the world. And it feels good.

Friday again already

March 12th, 2010 | Drawing and Painting, Home | 10 Comments

Another week has just flashed past. My house looks like someone has picked it up and shaken it vigorously. Which is a bit of a worry because we have friends coming for the weekend, and I like to pretend that we live in a stylish, clean home. I haven’t been food shopping yet either. So, why I’m calmly […]

Still here…

January 13th, 2010 | Drawing and Painting | 14 Comments

Well, we managed two days at school this week. During which I worked on some print ideas. As you can see I haven’t got very far. What do you think?  But we woke up to fresh snow and so the schools shut yet again. There will be no work for me today. Maybe tomorrow? Please, pretty please…    

I would panic, but I just don’t have the energy

August 4th, 2009 | Drawing and Painting, Family | 8 Comments

I’m busy. Really busy. With projects and plans that I really, really must do. The Festival of Quilts is in a matter of days. But, the boys are home from school and my daylight time is definitely not my own. And by the time I’ve got them to bed, well…   Read this post by Mouse. It’s happening to her […]

Coast Moodboard

January 14th, 2009 | Drawing and Painting, Other | 3 Comments

I’ve been working on this moodboard for a few days now. Gathering bits from all over the house, magazines, the internet, the library  and then slowly choosing and discarding and arranging them and after a little while,    amongst all the buttons and threads and cuttings you know that you’ve found it. Inspiration.      


December 12th, 2008 | Drawing and Painting, Other | 5 Comments

I keep a sketchbook.  Always have done. They’re never full of beautiful sketches and paintings though, I often wish they were. But I don’t seem to work like that. A hurried sketch, a scrap of fabric, a list. That’s what they’re like. Anyway, they’re essential and this is my latest. Inspired by Jessie Chorley and her altered […]


August 23rd, 2008 | Drawing and Painting, Family | 6 Comments

  Last weekend my Dad and Joe sat down in our back garden and sketched together. For 2 whole hours.   Here are my 60 something year old Dads’ efforts. And here are my 6 year old sons’. I’m saying nothing!                             […]

Mrs Eliot

October 18th, 2007 | Drawing and Painting, Home | 6 Comments

                I’ve been very lucky lately. Francesca (Mrs Eliot Books) kindly agreed to do a little swap with me. She chose a cushion from my shop and I chose these fantastic prints from hers! The first print is called ‘Milk’ and will probably end up in my kitchen. […]

Stitchery W.I.P

I’ve been working away while the boys are at nursery and school and in a few weeks will (hopefully) have lots of finished ideas to show you. But for now, all I can show is this: it’s the beginnings of a redwork stitchery pattern design. A Christmas angel. I hope to individually monoprint my designs onto my favourite calico (muslin) for […]