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My old fashioned scrapbook

June 27th, 2007 | Other | 16 Comments

    ‘Hey Lucy’ wrote last week about these wonderful books and in my comment I told her about how inspiring I find my scrapbook. Lucy then wrote back asking to see it. So, here it is Lucy! It is an old-fashioned scrapbook in the sense that I just cut out pictures (mostly from magazines) and then stick them into a lovely […]


June 26th, 2007 | Sewing | 1 Comment

      I did promise to show any close-ups requested by you of my ‘Beauties’ quilt. So this little line of trees in variegated thread is especially for Jude at Spiritcloth. Go and look at the amazing quilt she is making for Walter (he is one lucky man) Jude is making this on her commuter […]

Another Teacosy

June 21st, 2007 | Sewing | 8 Comments

I made this teacosy on Monday night whilst watching ‘Miss Potter’ (which I enjoyed by the way). Obviously, embroidering an old piece of wool blanket whilst eating chocolate was not on my very long ‘to do’ list; but that was getting me down so I just ignored it and had fun instead! My other teacosy […]

Happy 3rd Birthday!

June 20th, 2007 | Family | 5 Comments

Our lovely, lovely Henry is three today!  Here he is covered in sand after playing on the beach (he is always covered in something!) and he has usually got that cheeky grin on his face too! …and no, there is no sign of a finished quilt, maybe it will be done in time for Christmas?     […]


June 19th, 2007 | Patchwork and quilting | 5 Comments

Thanks again for all your kind comments – Ella at ‘Little Red Caboose’ has requested to see a close up of the birds in the middle of the quilt. So here they are:                                     The little wooden birds […]


June 15th, 2007 | Other | 2 Comments

Thankyou for all your kind comments (shame you lot weren’t the judges!) I really do appreciate all the lovely things you take the time to write. And now I know how much every single comment means to me, I am trying harder to leave comments myself and spend less time just ‘lurking around’! Jude at […]

The Beauties of Nature are Charming to me

June 13th, 2007 | Patchwork and quilting | 18 Comments

  Here is the whole quilt as promised (lighting slightly better today). I made each image seperately and then stitched them onto a tea dyed and hand quilted background. The title comes from a Shaker hymn I found in a book. It is embellished with shells and lace, a feather and a clock face. It […]


June 11th, 2007 | Patchwork and quilting | 6 Comments

This applique is part of a larger quilt called ‘The Beauties of Nature are Charming to me’, which I made for the Festival of Quilts 2005. The hare was applied with Bondaweb and then I ‘drew’ round it on my sewing machine. It was then hand quilted (which I hate doing). And because Henry was only one at […]


June 7th, 2007 | Sewing | 2 Comments

I was just browsing the internet the other day and happened to find these wonderful folk-art embroidered blankets, designed by Shirley McLauchlan. And then I remembered making this little embroidered blanket. It is chain stitched in tapestry wool and has applique flower pots in the corners. I made it in 1995 and I don’t think it’s […]

Heaven is High and Earth Wide

This is the quilt I was supposed to have finished the other day (but got my feet done instead!) You didn’t honestly think I meant Henrys’ quilt did you? I was looking for an interesting horse poem and eventually found this line, which I thought was just lovely.  The quilt group I belong to are […]