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Whirling Peacocks

  Whirling Peacock Medallion Quilt, maker unknown. 1800- 1910. Shelburne Musuem Collection. As you may have read I have signed up to a Medallion Quilt-a-long. I should apologise to Anita for referring to it as a crazy quilt before, but that is how I am beginning to think of it! Let me explain… I’m the same […]

Coast and cow parsley

It’s half term holidays here next week (again!) so I desperately wanted to make the most of my child free mornings this week. And, I think I have:                 I have started this little project inspired by my favourite place: the English coast. I met Sue from ‘Natures Threads’ who […]

Plum Sauce

May 20th, 2008 | Family, Food | 6 Comments

I kept sneaking off all weekend to do some more pages in my family cookbook. I was especially pleased with this one, so I thought I’d show you, as you have all been so complimentary about this little project!                                 […]

Family Favourites

May 16th, 2008 | Family, Food | 21 Comments

For years I’ve been tearing out recipes from magazines and just stuffing them in a plastic folder. Some of the recipes have become firm favourites, which I make over and over again. But even they are just pulled out and stuffed back in the folder getting tattier and grubbier each time. So, I’ve been thinking about making my own personal cookbook […]

Fabric chain

May 13th, 2008 | Sewing | 13 Comments

Sadly, most people I know (not all, but the overwhelming majority) just don’t appreciate handmade, or thrifted presents.  Why is that? Why do I know so many of them? And why is my own son like that? Anyway, I have long since given up wasting my time making them anything. It’s mass produced, shop bought all the way […]

Colour and am I crazy?

As you know, deciding on a colour scheme for a project can be tricky. At college we were taught to design a colourway like this: First, make or find an image that captures the mood and feeling you want to convey and pull out every colour, tone and shade you can find within it.   They […]


May 5th, 2008 | Family | 5 Comments

As it was actually a sunny and warm Bank Holiday Monday here today (a rarity) we thought we’d better show our faces at our long neglected allotment.   We needn’t have worried about how it was getting along without us though. Everything was in the best of health…  Three happy, grubby hours later some order […]


May 1st, 2008 | Crochet and Knitting | 4 Comments

I decided late last night to design a little knitting freebie for any of you who may be interested! The Hugo pattern below can be easily printed out. And, (as I have only just learnt useful computer stuff like this) here is what you need to do: hold your mouse over the chart, click the right hand mouse […]