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April 30th, 2009 | Family, Food | 8 Comments

If you want to make my boys happy and yourself feel like a yummy mummy and domestic goddess, simply make them a cake, lay the table properly and then pick them up from school. After some chatting, eating and general wrecking of the tablecloth all will be right with your little part of the world.         […]


April 27th, 2009 | Other | 6 Comments

                I taught at the Quilt Room on Saturday and had a lovely day with all the ladies who included: Pebbledash’s sister, the Japanese magazine lady (who had made cakes for my boys) and a lady called Marigold (great name). Over lunch, Marigold and I were chatting about craft […]


April 24th, 2009 | Sewing, Stitcheries | 10 Comments

Last night, at bedtime Joe wanted to play lego and I wanted him to put his football kit away. A deal was struck: he could stay up for another twenty minutes and do both. But, when I came to put him to bed he hadn’t managed to do either. So, I was cross and then he cried. After a while, […]

Nigel and Lily embracing in colour

April 22nd, 2009 | Other | 4 Comments

This will be a thank full post: Firstly, may I say thank you to all of you who joined my email club, I’m very flattered! Now, do you remember my dinosaur quilt project for ‘Sew Hip’? Well, look what Kay has made for her son- isn’t it great! It is so exciting to see my designs being […]

Spring chicken

April 8th, 2009 | Other | 7 Comments

Do you like my new teacosy? Well, the members of my email club have just received the free pattern for it with their latest newsletter.   Would you like one too? If you would, please email me and I’ll send it to you too.    

and the winner is…

April 7th, 2009 | sewing machine drawing | 4 Comments

the random number picker thingy said 28. So well done, Amy mo!  Thank you everyone for your kind words and flattery. I really, really do appreciate them. It will be quiet around here for a while as the boys are on their school holidays and I am trying to keep them occupied on a miniscule entertainment budget. It’s […]

Two years

                My blog is two years old today.  So I made this to celebrate and to say thank you for all the your support and encouragement: it’s a vintage embroidered tray cloth with an applique pig on it, in case you’re wondering. with wording inspired by this fantastic Roald Dahl poem. […]