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May 28th, 2009 | Family | 7 Comments

I took the boys for a little walk in the woods yesterday. We took our usual route (as I get lost very easily) which normally takes us half an hour or so. But not yesterday. For yesterday, these innocent looking puddles occupied my boys for nearly two hours.     And me for a further hour […]

half term again

May 26th, 2009 | Family | 3 Comments

                  On Saturday we all had a family day out at Godstone Farm.  The goats seemed to like Henry. My Dad, who is rarely to be found without his camera, has lots more great photos on his blog. Including some of the hideous science set my boys chose for their cousin, […]

New Skirt

May 20th, 2009 | Sewing | 20 Comments

Thanks for all the links and tips you gave me for New York. I have a long, long list to work from now! I bought this lovely fabric for £4 a metre the other week. And made it into a long a line skirt (using the same pattern as for this one). I think I like it […]

Still here, but not for long…

I seem to have lost a blog week somewhere. Sorry about that. I haven’t been anywhere exciting. I’ve just been working on a new collection for my stand at the Festival of Quilts.  And ducking rain showers and taking dull photos of half finished projects. Oh, and daydreaming about my 40th birthday present from my parents: 4 days in […]

Day out

May 13th, 2009 | Other | 5 Comments

I had a day out in London on Sunday. A boy free day out, no less. I met up with the lovely, smiley Julia who happened to be in town for a wine fair. We arranged to meet at Liberty’s and spent ages looking at all the beautiful things way out of our price range and […]

Laundry haiku

May 6th, 2009 | Home | 12 Comments

Ali has just made one of my biggest chores much more pleasant. For now, instead of just hanging the washing  on the line as quickly as possible with any old peg I create poetry instead. And just so you know: What you see is a piece of string tied to my lilac bush with stunt vintage washing. I […]

Little quilt

Isabella is two tomorrow. As her mother is a dear friend of mine and also happens to appreciate the handmade I always try to make something special for her birthday. Here is what I made for her birth and the garland I made for her last year. So, what can a quilter make for a little girl who […]