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Merry Christmas

December 17th, 2010 | Drawing and Painting, Other | 11 Comments

After nearly three weeks of illness (the boys, naturally, gave their germs to me) and some frantic days spent doing everything I was supposed to have done already, and all the things that needed to be done this week anyway, it’s finally the end of term. Yippee! Time to slow down and start enjoying the holidays. Thanks for all your support over […]


December 8th, 2010 | Patchwork and quilting | 14 Comments

These little applique penguins are an early Christmas present from me and the lovely ladies at Fat Quarterly (an on-line patchwork magazine) I’ve designed a free pattern for 5 penguins exclusively for them so please, pop over there to see the other 3 penguins and get your free pattern. I hope you like them!

much better now

December 3rd, 2010 | Drawing and Painting | 5 Comments

Thanks for all the well wishes. The boys are now well enough to bicker and argue with each other, about everything and nothing. I’ve been mono-printing owls (my tutorial here) and spending too much time escaping to the internet this week I found Agnes Obel (very calming music) and this interesting and varied blog: All is full of love […]

day 4

December 1st, 2010 | Family, Other | 11 Comments

The boys are ill. Both of them with temperatures, aches and coughs they won’t eat and they can’t sleep. It’s not pretty round here.