Mothers day

My day started with fresh fruit salad and pancakes for breakfast, homemade cards from my boys and a lovely surprise gift.

Tony had taken Joe and Henry into town intending to buy the traditional Mothers day flowers but when they got there the boys found a “big and wide” dress they wanted to buy me instead.

They were gently discouraged from buying the ball gown (shame) but Tony didn’t have the heart to say no to their next choice as well.

Which was a dressing gown- “For special occasions, Mummy.”

So I got totally spoilt!

throwing stonesWe also went to the beach, which is my very favourite place to be (and sadly over an hour away from where we actually live). 

And had hot salty, vinegary chips straight out of the paper for lunch.

Why do boys (and their fathers) have to throw stones in the sea? All three of them must have spent half an hour just throwing stones. It was irrestistible to them.

sewingAnd then home for an evening stitching in my favourite chair in my new dressing gown.

I was totally spoilt.


Completely back to normal today, though.








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  1. island sweet Says:
    March 3rd, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    sounds like a perfect day. i can smell the vinegar and hear the gulls!

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