The Wordsmith


Wordsmith (n.) one who creates with words

‘The Wordsmith’ is about cherishing the simple things in life. It’s about love letters, little notes and finding pressed flowers in favourite books. Now’s the time to quieten your mind, gather your memories and slowly piece them together with beautiful fabrics to create a lasting cloth to be treasured by generations to come: a quilted memory to cherish.

So come, gather your letters and your threads and be a wordsmith with me.

You can treat yourself to a copy of my new book ‘The Wordsmith’ from my Etsy shop, Amazon or your quilt shop (it’s distributed by Moda too) and thank you to all of you that have already! Your support is much appreciated x


Today I wanted to show you some of my Wordsmith fabric which will ship to quilt shops worldwide from February 2016, sorry it’s a long wait!


However, your favourite quilt shop can place their order for it with their Moda rep now; so if you like what you see please ask your quilt shop to place an order or you won’t be able to make a quilt with it come the Spring!


I’m going to start with the roses print. I always send Moda original paintings and drawings and here they are:





And here is the fabric, in my favourite indigo, cream and grey palette with the addition of a fresh, soft green.


I have my eye on the grey ground with the navy roses for a dress.

The time to make this dress will have to be found here and there amongst my work, chores and family time. But find it I will!


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  1. Laura Grabow Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    These fabrics are absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be asking the local quilt store to buy the collection.

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