Moda Blockheads 3

It’s my turn to design our Blockheads 3 block again! This time I’ve chosen string blocks as they’re so quick, fun and using up all those little strips of fabric makes them thrifty too.

I like to cut my strings with scissors to give me a more spontaneous and lively looking block, but if you prefer things to be accurate and tidy then you can certainly cut your fabric with your rotary cutter.

I also chose to use the foundation or ‘flip and sew’ method for my string blocks as it means I can stitch however I wish and then trim neatly to size later – the best of both worlds!

First, cut your foundation squares referring to the sizes in the pattern. I use a lightweight interfacing to do this as it is less bulky than fabric. Draw a diagonal line on each foundation square.

Cut a wide range of strings.

Place the first string with right side uppermost on the diagonal line. I kept the first string the same in every square to form a stronger diamond pattern.

Take the second string and place that with right sides together on top of the first string. Sew. ‘Open’ the second string and press in place.

Repeat until all your foundation square is covered. Press well. Don’t worry they always look a complete mess at this stage!

Trim your stitched square to the size you need (don’t forget your seam allowances!). Repeat the above process until you have all the string blocks you need.

Stitch them all together and press well. Admire your handiwork and never point out your mistakes!

Thank you so much for being a Blockhead with us. Here’s your ‘Strings’ pattern.

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