Horse Blanket

I must say I’m really pleased with how this came out. If you remember, the design literally arrived fully formed in my head and so all I had to do was make it. There was no agonising involved. I just worked through every step methodically. And every step just flowed smoothly. It was a complete pleasure from beginning […]

Tumbling Blocks

                I started paper piecing a tumbling blocks quilt many years ago. I find this traditional patchwork method wonderfully soothing and absorbing. Recently, as my sewing machine and I spend every spare second noisily bustling away I’ve been looking at my paper pieced projects, wistfully remembering the evenings spent calmly sewing them. Now, you may be wondering why […]

Happy Easter!

The Easter weekend has, thankfully, been much, much better than last week. We have enjoyed lots of family time, too much food, some snow and a bitterly cold visit to the beach. And now we are safely home with a small mountain of chocolate. Brilliant!        

What a week!

We’ve had a bit of a week here. First Henry had a flollopy day. Then my laptop decided to refuse me access to my blog and website (the rest of the world and every other computer could see it, just not me on mine) which took my technical director and some other hosting man all […]

A blanket with horses on

Anyone familiar with how many old blankets I have got and what I do with them would probably say that this latest design was inevitable. But I didn’t actually get the idea to make a horse blanket until I was preparing the boys’ tea yesterday. So, the boys (to their great delight) had tea in front of the tv […]


              Today, I finished my socks. Kitchener stitch and I don’t get along. But as you can see my sock knitting has improved enormously. Thankyou, And as of today, my work is available to buy at Blueberry Park and White Doll Arts.  Go and take a look- my teacosies and […]


                                      Joe is off school today feeling ‘flollopy’- which is our family term for when you are feeling a bit nauseous and listless. He (of course) perked up enormously once the decision to keep him off school had been made.  Thus losing me yet […]

And yet more birds

Here is my next quilt. It features small brown British birds this time. This is my fourth quilt design.    And as I have a mere 22 weeks left before my show, my question is… How many quilts would a proper quilt designer display?  Yet quality is more important than quantity, right? I believe that.  Nevertheless, I can’t help thinking I should […]

Mothers day

My day started with fresh fruit salad and pancakes for breakfast, homemade cards from my boys and a lovely surprise gift. Tony had taken Joe and Henry into town intending to buy the traditional Mothers day flowers but when they got there the boys found a “big and wide” dress they wanted to buy me instead. They were gently discouraged from buying the […]