So, this is my job for today: design the quilting pattern, layer up and then start hand quilting my new Spring flowers quilt. The only cloud in the sky is that the whole quilt has to be finished for Thursday morning. Good bye, bed.  

what I have been doing

hand quilting teaching at The Quilt Room and Didlr-ing. I have not been doing any housework. None. So now you know what I will be doing…


I sorted the wardrobes out over the holidays- even mine. I’m aiming for my Pinterest wardrobe, but it turns out that my real wardrobe is closer to it than I thought. This has come as a surprise. It’s easy to forget how many nice clothes you have when you spend every day pulling on the same […]

empty nest

The 6.30 alarm was a bit of a shock this morning, a rude awakening. Every holiday I think about all the work I could and should be doing and how nice it will be to get back to it, and then I spend the first day of term drifting round the house feeling lost. So, […]