Saturday night found me covered in sawdust trying to make a tailors ham and a sleeve roll following the instructions in my Merchant and Mills book. I’m not sure I’ve ever used them before but apparently they will improve my pressing and thereby my dressmaking enormously. I have high hopes of this being true.

I’d really like to make more of my own clothes. I have a lovely wardrobe on Pinterest and half a lovely wardrobe in real life. But at least I’ve made a step in the right direction by buying the book and a factory dress pattern and making a ham.

I also signed up for Ted and Agnes’ challenge to wear something handmade (by you or someone else) every single day for a year. I’m dressing much more thoughtfully in the morning to complete my challenge and have been sharing my outfits on Instagram (my little blog).

Now, excuse me but I need to get sewing and knitting because I’ve already worn nearly every handmade item I own!



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  1. I guess you watched the sewing Bee? Just popped over and looked at Merchant and Mill, feel inspired.
    I bought a simple pattern for a top, weeks ago, might just try it this week.
    Thanks for your lovely message.x

  2. Hi Janet I bought your first book ages ago and just love it. I did email to ask your advice and was thrilled when you replied straight away, totally unexpected. I had a makeover in my tiny tiny little box room (amusingly called the sewing room) and couldn’t find your book anywhere and was going to send for a new one. Looking for some fabric tonight I found it!! Yipee – I am hoping my basic sewing skills are coming on a little since I spoke to you last and I am seriously thinking of starting a quilt for my little grandchildren soon. Please pop over to my blog as I am getting ready to give a free giveaway on the 1st November of a Sophie Tilley bobbin painted by my lovely husband . Hope to keep in touch Janet and am putting you on my favourites list on my blog, hope this is ok Janet. Have a wonderful day tomorrow,
    Lots of love

  3. I’d love to be able to make my own clothes, but I never got beyond a very basic skirt pattern and socks- I do love making socks! Great idea to make something handmade every day- I might give that a go. Have a great week.xx

  4. Aha! Now I understand the back story to the Instagram piccies! I don’t think I’d manage a year of every day, not without a great deal of sewing. Suppose you could wear the ham as a giant piece of jewellery….

  5. oh you have bought my favourite pattern Janet can’t wait to see what you make….tailors ham you’ll wonder why you never had one before, I also use a silicone oven mitt to iron really tricky stuff x

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