moda-love_header420wGood morning and welcome to my stop on the Moda blog tour!

The theme is LOVE and we’re to share some things we love with you!

I also have a layer cake of my latest fabric line ‘A Field Guide’ for you to win and a video of a technique I use that isn’t widely known. So, without further ado here we go…

I love drawing with my sewing machine.

A free machine drawing of a Robin- this is on Tony's christmas stocking

I love my fountain pen. My lovely husband gave it to me and I write in it every single day and I even draw all my fabric designs in it too.

I don’t like black (never use it) and so spend too much money on fancy grey ink.

I love that Moda accept my hand drawn, fountain pen designs and don’t make me re-draw them in Illustrator or Photoshop! 



   I love to draw my own feather quilting patterns. I’m sure I didn’t invent this technique (my brain just isn’t wired that way) but typically can’t find any reference to it on the internet now I need to!

So, here’s my video tutorial on how to design a feather quilting template.


The Moda designers were all asked to create a quilt in their latest line of fabric using the exact same pattern.

I love how different all the quilts are! I put bugs and bunnies on mine.

You can watch the Schoolhouse video here and find the free pattern PDF here.

Don’t you love how generous Moda are?


I love to collect old books, phrases, quotes, notes and words.

I love handwriting, old photos and the glimpses into past lives these offer.

I’m creating my next book which is inspired by this love of eloquence, ‘The Wordsmith’.


love to find broken pieces of china when out walking. These are surprisingly common and can be found in fields, gardens and the beach.

I have pots and pots of them and I sometimes even use them: here is my knitting needle pot.

I’m fairly certain these chipped pattern fragments will become a quilt or a fabric design one day.

Knitting was my first crafting love.


I love that all these things: the drawing and fountain pen doodles and the collecting words, unearthing patterns whilst walking the dog in a muddy field can all be called ‘work’.

How lucky am I?

And now, it’s your turn: leave me a short comment about something you love and you could be the lucky winner of the layer cake!

I’ll draw a winner on the 13th.

I wish you the very best of luck!


Now, go and visit Camille

and Kate

and Amy!



678 Responses

  1. Your drawings with thread are lovely. I really like your bird. I love my family, I love quilting, I love taking walks in the mtns and listening to the wind in the pine trees. And I love these Moda blog hops! Thanks for participating.

  2. Oh my gosh, a comment about what I love. That’s a huge request. Okay. My family, my friends, my faith, my garden, my books,my fabric. Sunshine, the seashore, mountains, a gentle breeze.

  3. One thing I love is a day where I can complete all the “chores” I need to do early in the day, so I’m free to sew after that.

  4. Ooh, now I want to draw with my sewing machine, too!

    I love fabric – love the feel of good fabric, the sight of it. The smell of it (usually). Love that I can sit and sew with my animals around me. Love that there’s always another project (or 150) waiting in the wings.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. never gave any thought about line drawing and stitching over it to make is personal is wonderful creative addition for me!

  6. I love where I live, I have a yard full of critters and birds and love the excitement when a new traveler appears.
    I also love reading, old buildings, and quilting!

  7. I would say I love my family most of all with quilting a great second choice. Love your ideas. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  8. Obviously I love quilting! But I also love the scenery on the South Coast of England where I come from and miss from afar as I now live in Australia. You designs always remind me of home.

  9. Of course I love my family and friends but my creative side loves quilting and knitting. It is a wonderful way to spend a day!

  10. I love reading the blogs of creative people. I get so many ideas and also get inspired. It’s also comforting that even more experienced quilters have some of the same challenges I do.

  11. Knitting is also my first crafting love! I love o pile of skeins of a great yarn in a favorite color, just waiting to become something fabulous!

  12. First and foremost, I LOVE the Lord! Next, I LOVE my family and friends. After that, I love creating beautiful quilts for my family and friends. Thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabric! I think this is the perfect quilt pattern to use it with. The pieces are large enough to see your beautiful illustrations.

  13. Wow, there are so many things that I love: family; friends; quilting and being able to learn about what is inspiring quilters around the world via this medium. Thank you for sharing your loves.

  14. I love dancing. My boyfriend is a great dancer. He was in the navy in 1967 and went to balls. He was on the Presidential Yacht for Nixon. I enjoy dancing with him. Sometimes it just helps to relieve tension and frustration when you play music and dance by yourself. Thank you for being a part of Moda Love and the chance to win that awesome layer cake of yours.

    Sandi Timmons

  15. I love my family & friends, is what comes to mind first. If it was about quilting, I love picking out the fabric for one.

  16. I love pretty fabrics especially in red and aqua, baking cakes, reading, opening Christmas stockings, and my dog. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  17. I love sewing with someone else. It’s so fun to see what others are working on and to be inspired and to be able to share something with them as well. Love that collaboration!

  18. I love having a day off where I have nothing that I have to do other than what I want. On those days, I feel so much freer to be creative and you never know where that may lead. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. I love my family, my country (Canada), quilting, food, gardening, art, spring, summer & fall, fabric, my sewing machine and wine 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  20. Janet, I love to FMQ. I recently bought an HQ Sweet Sixteen so I can improve my quilting skills. Thank you for the chance to win some of your wonderful fabric. Take care and God bless, Cory

  21. I loved reading all the things you love – like you, I have a long list! But since I can only choose one thing, I am going to say I love the relationship I have with my sister…we are so much alike, it is she who taught me to quilt – and I so cherish the time we spend together! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. It never occurred to me to make line drawings and then thread stitch over them, I’ll have to give it a try. I love Autumn in New England. I have lived my entire life in the Midwest but try to go back east to New England ever fall. Something about it just refreshes my soul.

  23. Vintage and traditional patterns are my favorite…especially stars. I love stars and snowflake-type patterns. And purple, and chocolate. this is a great pattern for a star and I love the size options. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Moda!

  24. I love Autumn: the smell of damp earth and leaves in the woods; the colours of the leaves; the toadstools; the sound of beech nuts underfoot. It’s hard to recreate the feeling in words or art, but although Autumn makes some people sad, it gives me peace and inspiration.

  25. There’re alof of things I love: my family & friends, my cats, my hometown, my fabric stash, my quilts, my books … and my life as it is!

  26. I love CHOCOLATE! I love RAIN! I love READING! So …. give me a rainy day with a good book in my hand and a piece of chocolate in my mouth. HAPPY!

  27. I love the different seasons, especially Autumn and Spring. But the winter is beautiful too when its snowing and I’m sitting at my machine sewing up a storm.

  28. My love of quilting has past to my grand daughter who is 10 years old. My love of my fabric stash, knitting and ice cream.

  29. HI,Love my Lord first of all;my Husband second+love to draw+watercolor+quilt too! And how about strawberries+chocolate too!

  30. I love and adore my three year old grandchildren, two girls and a boy – a perfect family all at once. They inspire me to take care of myself so I can grow old slowly and enjoy every moment of their growth.

  31. I love sitting at my sewing machine, beautiful music in the background, working on a quilt. I’ve only made two so far, but I am absolutely hooked! And I have plans for that gorgeous field guide cake… 😉

  32. I love creating things, knitting, spinning or quilting. Then there going for walks with my camera toke pictures which I use as inspiration for my creations.
    I working on my drawing skills, I may need to try a fountain pen.

  33. I LOVE my granddaughter, Alana! She is our only grandchild, she lives with us, and she’s into every kinda of arty thing you can imagine(incl my fav sewing/quilting)…everyone thinks we are so wonderful because we are raising her, but we are the blessed ones…she is a bright shining treasure in our lives!

  34. I am in love with fabric that has words on it!! Not sure why but I can’t resist buying it!! I also love a good pen. Zen tangling really makes for some incredible art just from fooling around!!

  35. I love being with my grandkids and watch them explore the world, so new to them.
    Thanks for the giveaway
    I also love to quilt and make things for the grandkids.

  36. My first love has been crocheting as that is how started my journey in crafty world and then for hooked on sewing quilting….love your fabric line.

  37. I love to take pieces of fabric that my 9 year old granddaughter loves, cut them up into small pieces and put them back together into a quilt that she can wrap around herself. It is like giving her a hug whenever she needs it.

  38. I love traveling the countryside, drinking in the beauty of the fields and flowers. We recently returned from a 2000 mile trip and it was intoxicating to see so much of our own beautiful country. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. I love quilting and hunting for sea glass at the beach! I am very smitten with the idea that you can walk through fields and the beach and find pottery! I also love anything from England! So fun to “meet” you! Thanks for sharing! cheers, colette

  40. As much as I love playing with bits of fabric, I adore my grandkids. They are at that young age where everything is carefree, fun , and a huge adventure.

  41. i love my husband , and my dogs . They are my family.
    I love Moda fabrics too ! Thanks for the Give Away !
    I love the beach and the Mountains . I am so blessed 🙂

  42. I love to sit outside and read books, actual books, especially those that comfort. I love my chickens and spend time with them every day. I recently had to give some away and I was very sad. That’s when I enjoyed reading. Thank you for this lovely giveaway and for the quilting tip.

  43. I really like your thread sketches. I love to spend time with my grandchildren. I enjoy sewing/quilting, embroidery, knitting, and crochet. Thanks for the chance to win some of your great fabric line.

  44. Janet,
    Thank you for a chance to win some gorgeous fabrics.
    Most of my family have now gone on and I love their memories–each was so very different, kind, loving, & humble. I never feel alone because of these cherished memories–often bringing a big laugh. I am so thankful & grateful for them.
    And, I love putting on my wellies & trudging down the lane in the rain; either the walk, the rain, or simply being outside in the elements relaxes me & I conjure up new artsy projects.
    Thank you Janet for asking.

  45. Oh Janet, I adore Beautiful BETTY!
    Those beautiful eyes are so wise–reminds me of our English, Golden’s eyes.
    And your Henry is going to be a “Heart Breaker!”

  46. I am a lover of beautiful fabric, the rich wonderful colors of gorgeous prints and feel of quality makes my head swirl with happiness.

  47. What I love is that my daughters love to quilt and embroider, also. It is so much fun spending time with them hand quilting or embroidering while watching “chick” flicks.

  48. I love being alive! And my husband and son. Plus my friends…

    This is sounding rather like an Oscars speech, isn’t it? But I do really, really like anything to do with fabrics – from chossing them yo using them or keeping them in the cupboard and stroking them.

  49. I just stumbled upon your blog. Totally love how you draw with your sewing machine! Brilliant! Your fabric is so calming and warm, love it!

  50. I love my family and friends and as far as quilting goes, I love whimsical animals. Or any hand drawn animals. They always make me smile.

  51. Other than sewing I love cooking and baking. I think of recipes more as guidelines instead of rules. Just this morning I made some delicious cinnamon ginger pancakes.

  52. I love fabric. I love quilts. I love hiking trails and nature. I love travel and family vacations. I love reading blogs of talented people and learning about their inspiration and their loves.

  53. I love sewing, especially clothes for me and things for my house. I would love sewing clothes for my boys, but my effort is completely wasted on them. I know that I am GOING to love sewing for my grandbabies, one day in the far, far distant future.

  54. I love everything about fall. The colors, the smells, the crispness of the air, etc. I could go on and on. In quilting my passion is applique. Well really anything hand stitched. Your drawings remind me of my dad’s art. He was very talented as you are.

  55. I love my children – but I will admit I am loving that they are all out of the house at wee-bit more. 😉

  56. I love Autumn, the smell of cut grass and dry leaves, and I love Blue Willow Ware. And I love sketchy fabric designs! Looking forward to seeing your video!

  57. What do I love you ask? So, so many things…but my family tops the list. Speaking of family, my son has his masters in biology and I am thinking your FIELD GUIDE fabric would make the perfect quilt for him. What do you think?

  58. Other then friends, family and quilting I love birds. My Grandson told me last summer I had 3000 “friends” he had to help me feed. He might be a little over estimating but he loves Grandma’s Humming birds the best, after the dogs of course.

  59. I love your extraordinary, unique, talent. I love the way that, when I came to your workshop, I could just say, “Please can you draw me a…..?”, and it was there, just as I felt it should be. I love the way your sewing is so beautifully executed, not “perfect”, and, as you say yourself, not meant to be and not NEEDING to be. I love the way you make me feel able to make amazing, expressive, individual pieces, too. I love all your patterns, and books, and fabrics, and am so delighted by your success, and I love the excitement of looking forward to what you are doing now, to what will be printed next, whether patterns or fabric. And most of all, I love our friendship, and our shared enthusiasm for small black spaniel-girls! Xx

  60. I love to water my garden by hand…I see so many little creatures that way..dragonflies, hummingbirds, toads…Love the color in my garden too, always changing…

  61. I love that my mom taught me to sew when I was very young and then taught me to quilt when I was quite a bit older! Being creative makes each day special.

  62. I love all things quilty!! From the first stitch to the last…OH…and buying the fabric of course…well actually WINNING FABRIC is something I would REALLY LOVE!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  63. I love pulling all sorts of fabrics from my stash and making something beautiful out of them. Sometimes I don’t like what it is looking like but by the end, it is always beautiful 🙂

  64. Right now I love English Paper Piecing! I have only been quilting for about 2 years and recently started an EPP project. Its so therapeutic to sit and make something completely by hand.

  65. I love too many things to list them all. But mostly I love when my 3yr old daughter is playing nicely by herself and I am enjoying a cup of French Earl Grey tea and checking out my favourite creative blogs. Very relaxing!

  66. I love making things for my family and friends, whether it’s a quilt,a good meal or just making them smile with a hug!

  67. I love when I have the whole day to myself…I hang out in my sewing room working on beautiful quilt projects. I also love when I am sitting under my Ott light sewing the binding on a quilt that is nearly a finish!

  68. I love my sunroom because its filled with lots of purple pots with plants and flowers and they are thriving because my husband takes care of them. I love him too!

  69. I love my family, and in turn I love to make quilts for them, I love to cook for them, I love to make things for them that they wouldn’t find in a shop and I love CHOCOLATE

  70. Mostly my children, my husband, my dog….but also most forms of needlework, Autumn, icy beach walks, clotted cream ice cream, beach huts, camper vans, laughter…..and keeping my fingers crossed! x

  71. I love my life. I am at a really good time, newly retired and healthy enough to appreciate it.

    Thanks for the tut I will try this.

  72. I love being almost retired and having time to do quilting, knitting, crocheting and stitching, even staying up really late at night crafting and not having to think about how early I have to get up to get to work.

  73. Well I just LOVE fabric as one might be able to tell from my ‘collection’ but I LOVE spending time with my family and when my two grown kids and their SO’s come to visit it is close to heaven for me.

  74. I love winter and the things that come with it – like meeting my husband in town after work to go to the Christmas time continental market, getting hot chocolate with marshmallows, wearing a new pair of gloves, putting up my Christmas trees, buying a new coat and pair of boots, walking home from work and getting my face blown off. I also love fabric giveaways!!

  75. I love fabric, and cats, and my DH. I also love trees. Particularly, bare trees silhouetted against an evening sky. I have tons of photos I’ve taken of trees across the country. One day I will make a tree quilt.

  76. I love hummingbirds and music. My house is filled with hummingbird things, and I feed them all summer while they visit Pennsylvania. I also play some average and some odd instruments like the Mountain dulcimer, the hammered dulcimer, guitar, autoharp, pennywhistle, bowed psaltery and I’m just learning to play the ukelele. My hobbies are crocheting, quilting, and embroidery. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. 🙂

  77. I love quilting with the help of my Shih-Tzu dogs. They are such great helpers. One loves to help me by eating scraps (of fabric, that is), so needless to say, I have a very clean and picked up sewing room.

  78. I love holiday, after a very long busy Summer of work, lots of youth and children’s summer camps to run. A wee rest is really what I love right this moment.

  79. I love hand stitching – embroidery, big stitch quilting, traditional quilting – and I just discovered the love of all things handwork last year! Now trying to make up for lost time… I also love thread sketching by machine, and will continue to do that. So inspired by yours!

  80. I have a passion for gardening and I love a “messy” garden where I bunch up flowers rather than a planting in a straight line. Your story about finding “treasures” on your walks appealed to me. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your fabric.

  81. I love all these things and love that you have written so sweetly about them! I am going to have to buy a fountain pen now! 🙂 I also love/adore my wonderful husband, 6 children, 7 grandchildren, nature, fall, earth tones, Christmas, music, inspiring words and the list could go on!

  82. I love my family and good friends as well as creating in a variety of mediums. Love that you use a fountain pen…I haven’t used one since I was in elementary school a long time ago 🙂

  83. I love having a creative outlet and that it allows me to make things for those I love. Last night I modified some dress ups to make a gruffalo costume for my daughter for book week. Her face when she saw it was gold

  84. I LOVE quilting, fabrics, threads, embellishments and patterns. I have saved this pattern for the Moda Love and I plan on doing a project with it soon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. I LOVE fabric. I love to touch it and feel it and play with it and organize it. I have worked in a fabric store at least part time since high school. I have all my fabric wrapped on mini bolts in cabinets and in color order. Often I will just sit there with the doors open staring at all my beautiful fabric getting ideas and inspiration. My husband is always like what are you doing and I reply looking at my fabric and he just shakes his head and walks away.

  86. Love how you draw things. I have never had that talent and I envy ones who do. I love to sew and quilt and stitch. If it has to do with thread and needles I am all for it. Thank you for your inspiration.

  87. I do love and appreciate my airy sewing space with 4 sunny windows and 2 double doors. Oh,… and some Moda fabrics!

  88. I love my family, I love my job and I really love it when I can make time to be in my sewing room which is not nearly often enough

  89. I love my Lord Jesus Christ, my family, fun fabrics, sewing, creative things and people. I’m excited to discover you and how you draw with your sewing machine! Really fun

  90. Great video. Love the idea and the ending was super cute.
    Gosh, I love many things, but right now since it the one thing I look forward to every single morning is my little visitor. One of our grandchildren and her parents live with us and have since the granddaughter was only 4 months old. She’s now going to be 3 yrs old come next February and makes me laugh and smile every single day. She LOVES coming to sit with Grandma in the sewing room. My sewing room is the very first place she goes when she gets out of bed every morning. Since she could first walk she’d come in to see me and would grab squares of fabric to play with. Back then she had a little purse she’d carry around all day long and it was packed with her little fabric collection. She’d pull it out and play with them and show whoever she was sitting near all her pretty fabric. Now she tries walking off with my fat quarters but yea, that doesn’t get past Grandma’s eyes. LOL I just LOVE the fact she’s so interested in fabrics and all the colors and that it is also something I’ve been using to teach her colors as well.

  91. One of the things I love that we share an interest in is fountain pens. (Wonder which one yours is!) This year I discovered Noodler’s Ink inks, and one in particular called Apache Sunset, which has fantastic shading.

  92. I LOVED your blog post today….so interesting what you love. I have never thought of drawing with my machine. I am totally in love with anything creative…the day is not long enough. Have a Happy Day!!

  93. I LOVE it when creative people share their inspirations and ideas with total strangers. Seeing the world through other eyes opens up a huge world of possibilities and I love traveling further down that road.

    I love to see your organic line drawings…. so crisp and intuitive.

  94. I love walking on the beach with my family – especially looking for seaglass. Thank you for a chance to win such pretty fabric!

  95. I love needlework. First was knitting, then crochet, in between was sewing, hardanger, embroidery, now quilting. Just have to be doing something with my hands!

  96. It’s so hard to pick just one love. If I don’t count people I would have to say books…the smell of old hard bound books, the words, stories. Love it all!

  97. Greetings from Texas! I love layer cakes, sewing with my guild friends, that my grandmother taught me to embroider and sew as a young girl! Your machine drawings are lovely!

    Happy sewing!

  98. I love making people smile, laugh and generally happy all around. I have managed to do this with some of the quilts I have given to my family, and hope to bring tears to my next recipient. But happy, joyful, love filled tears. I’m making something very special for my sister-in-law and can’t wait to finish it and give it to her! I’m hoping by Christmas!

  99. Here is what I am loving today: the moment when summer changes to autumn. We are experiencing that this very evening–there is a change in the light, the breeze, the scents.

  100. I love my life…. I love walking outdoors in every kind of weather…. I love finding things.. like feathers and leaves and shells…. I love creating… especially crocheting and sewing.. and gardening… and canning… and thinking about the things I love 🙂

  101. I love that you share your lovely drawings with us. I love the outdoors – looking out over the lake at the beautiful sunset with the loons feeding off the end of the dock, the hummingbirds at the feeder and the orioles at the jelly station

  102. I love period dramas, especially the BBC ones. Yesterday was heaven, I found a station that ran Jane Eyre followed by Pride and Prejudice! Those films are my favorite things to watch while I do handwork.

  103. I never thought that I would say it, but yes I love fabric. I have only been quilting for almost 2 years now. I seem to fall in love with many Moda collections about every 6 months. I never realized that with each Market would come more unbelievable fabric collections. My sister-in-law thinks that I have enough. But I don’t. There’s always more to come. Thank you!

  104. I love walking on the beach with my husband. I love playing with my grandsons. I love quilting! All aspects of it. Thank you for a chance to win.

  105. Reading quilt blogs and getting inspired by the lovely things people create!
    Also my flower garden! Can’t forget that!

  106. I love to drift off to sleep by designing quilts! I choose fabrics and patterns and think about backing and bindings! So much more fun than counting sheep!I also love to write with a fountain pen, especially using turquoise ink! I love your penguin patterns from this spring – I need to make a special pillow for my lawyer daughter, whose favorite things are penguins! Thanks for the pattern!

  107. I love God, my life, and my family. In a different way, I love fabric, vintage tablecloths from the 50’s and quilting. Oh, and chocolate!!

  108. I love quilters who are so generous with time, tips and techniques. I love birds and line drawing and doodling. I love rainy days which are quilting days!

  109. I love spending time with my four-year-old granddaughter who makes me notice things like wildflowers and bugs and mud puddles. Thanks for the giveaway and for your lovely designs!

  110. I love the desert wildlife and the clear crystal blue skies of Tucson with the Mountains around the city. I also love to sew/quilt!

  111. I love a lazy Sunday when I can wake up late and stay in my PJ’s all day while I sip a cup of coffee and sew the hours away creating wonderful gifts of love made from beautifully designed Moda fabrics.

  112. I love how the days are getting shorter, which means fall must be on its way with cooler temps and gorgeous colors!

  113. Your handiwork is fantastic! I am a sewer and quilt maker. I do some crafts. I fell in love with quilt making back in 1977 and I been in love with it all these years. thanks for a chance at some lovely fabric!

  114. I love writing REAL letters, and writing in my daily journal, and collecting hearts, and reading, and antiquing…… okay, I’ll stop now!

  115. I LOVE fabric! I love the feel of it. I love the colors and designs. I love all the things you can do with it. I don’t think there has ever been a fabric I didn’t love.

  116. I love that I’ve recently discovered sewing! Where has it been all my life!

    Plus fall is coming – love this time of year.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. I love my 13mo old. He cries and gets in a little more trouble now, but he CUDDLES! It is so cute and I love every minute of it.

  118. I love leaves – especially oak leaves. My dad was a forester and oak trees, leaves and acorns remind me of his quiet strength. I quilt at least 1 oak leafe and 1 acorn in all of my quilts. Beth

  119. First, I love my family. I also love handwork….EPP, applique, embroidery, cross stitch, crochet and beading. Thank you!

  120. I love my two great grandsons ages 2 and 1. They are so precious, funny, entertaining, spoiled, etc.! I also love quilting with my sister. We get together as often as possible and spend the day quilting. So much fun!

  121. I love finally having time to create and finish projects now that my eleven kids are raised and the baby (ha ha) is in college. Quilting and working with fabric is so fun. Thank you for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabric.

  122. I love coffee and my Kindle loaded full of good books and a rainy day with a good fire in the fireplace. And all the kids are happily active somewhere else. Oh, and my house has been recently cleaned up and the dog was already walked.

  123. What do I love? After my family, friends and quilting- I love the beach. One of my favorite places to go to relax. Even on a cloudy day.

  124. I love having my sewing room organized. I buy little plastic 5″ boxes to put my 5″ charm packs in. Binders hold my BOM to organize the patterns. And I would love to win your prize!

  125. I love that I can have a shower every night, I know that there are many people in this world that don’t have that luxury and I’m very grateful for this.

  126. I love your fabrics. I love my family, my elderly puppy, my fabric stash, and all my collections. Just wish I had a bigger house!

  127. I love being outdoors: at the beach in the woods. I love my bicycle and my quilts. I love to dream of the quilts I still want to make and pf already creating the colors for a quilt in my brain.

  128. I love collecting old copies of “little women”, I love indigo, I love chocolate icecream, I love seaglass, I love making, I love linen and handthrown pottery. Coffee. Bruce Springsteen. My boys.

  129. I love the month of the month of July when all of the does bring their new fawns out of their 2 months of hiding. The world is a fresh canvas to their eyes. They romp and chase each other through our yard and pasture. They make me laugh out loud at their antics and the world seems somehow renewed.

  130. I love blog hops!And fabric auditioning. And being organised. And finding just the right tutorial for something you want to make. And finding quilt/fabric shops everywhere I visit. And holidays (Boston and Cape Cod next week…yay!). And Fridays. And clean sheets. And new socks.

  131. I love my dogs, and walking with them through the changing seasons of the year; but especially autumn. I love autumn, every part of it – the colors, the scents, the crisp cool air. I love to make quilts using autumn colors.

  132. I love fabric – the feel of it, the colours and textures and the endless possibilities to create quilts, bags, cushions, small monsters etc. to give to friends and family to show how much I appreciate them.

  133. I love to quilt… If I don’t have some project on the go, I am very restless!! Oh, reading, photography, and cooking are other things I enjoy very much!!

  134. This morning I’m loving the quietness of the early morning. I’m also loving the picture of the layer cake you are giving away. I do love fabric with script. If the top fabric showing is any indication of the other fabric, I’m sure its a wonderful line. I also enjoyed you tutorial on making a feathers template. The technique is totally new to me. Thanks

  135. I love my family, waking up at 4:45 am, especially on the days I don’t have to go to work, and making some time to quilt in almost every day!

  136. I really love the new Outlander TV series …I watch each week when it comes on, and then I “watch” each episode over and over while sewing!!!

  137. I love your work and that you can stay true to your aesthetic even tho it is untraditional in the quilt/fabric world. YAY to Moda for supporting innovative artists!

  138. I love paper, ink and good handwriting. I love fabric, colour and texture. Am waiting for time to play with all of these.

  139. I love quilting & sewing for my family which has lead to a love for vintage sewing machines, I think about the women that sewed on them before me for their family’s.

  140. When I visit my family, I cannot wait to see my beautiful grandchildren. I love how we all get together at the table and pay cards (old maid), paint, and mostly love to hear them laugh. How I love spending time with my family. Judith, Texas

  141. Learning to free motion on home machine. Almost good enough to try on real quilt. Loving it!
    Enjoyed reading your post

  142. I love the change of seasons…putting away summer and bringing out all my fall decorations. It gives me a good reason to clean my house!

  143. I love Autumn and am looking forward to when the leaves change. In the meantime, I’m planning out some Autumn quilts!

  144. I love hand-piecing anytime anywhere, i’m hand-piecing a TAW 2″squares at the moment only up to round 12 another 20 to go.

  145. I love my family, friends, fabric and faith! The four F’s! I have been fortunate in my life to be able to work from home for over 25 years and I am grateful every day! And I love layer cakes … both fabric and baked!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. Enjoy your day!


  146. I love sewing and creating new patterns. I have gotten to the point where I always carry a small sketch pad in my purse for whenever I see something that I think would be an awesome pattern.

  147. I love quilting, but I don’t love following a pattern. This gets me into a spot sometimes, but mostly it turns out just fine in the end.

  148. I love birds just like you. Your drawing on a sewing machine is very inspiring – I need to give it a try!

  149. I love the changing seasons, watching my kids meet challenges and succeed, sharing a great meal with friends, giving my quilts to family and of course fabric, fabric and more fabric.

  150. i love my calligraphy pen…my pencils crayons…my watercolour paints…my sewing room…and now fall is here i will love my walks in the fields

  151. I love fabric. I love to be creative. I love the quilting community that shares with me and teaches me new things every day. Thank you sew much. I can’t imagine not having sewing in my life. Janita

  152. I love fall. I love warm summer evenings, but even now as the weather is turning it makes me look forward to cozy nights at home, burning candles, or lighting a fire in the fireplace, leaves changing colour.

  153. I love to read! New books, old books, stuff online. And gathering fabric and dreaming about what could be. So far, the dream is just a lot of fabric!

  154. I love how God loves me. I love my dear husband of 39 years and the blessings of our kids and grandkids. I love quilting early in the morning when the house is quiet. Thanks!

  155. What a great post! Thanks for the smiles. I love summer. Too short here in northern Wisconsin – perhaps that’s it’s appeal!

  156. First, I love that bird!
    One of my first loves was sewing/dressmaking. I would stay up all night to sew a new dress for the next day.
    The other is figure drawing/painting. I love a good pencil or ink drawing as much as oil paint or bars.
    Don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t create.
    Thanks so much!

  157. I saw pre-cuts of Field Guide yesterday at the local quilt shop–so beautiful! I’ll be looking for the yardage when it ships!

  158. I love handwork. It is very relaxing to sit and embroider or quilt by hand. Working the needle in and out of the fabric is calming and I love the finished project. Thank you for sharing your “loves” with us.

  159. I love that you draw with your sewing machine- that’s too cool! And I love sewing with my daughter, even if she is only 10 months old and usually just chews on my fabric….

  160. I love quilting! And I love my children, naturally. And I love the things that you love in your blog post. I think it’s such a shame that they are not teaching handwriting as much in schools anymore. That’s more than one thing that I love but anyway… thank you for the giveaway.

  161. Thanks for sharing your drawing technique and your favorite loves! I love to sew and make quilts. I also love to take a boat ride on the Carolina waterways and be surrounded be God’s majesty.

  162. Ooh, pottery! I love finding things like that on our walks. Hah- I was helping on a dig one time of an historical homestead, and they kept finding pottery shards from all over, all different pieces and styles, and they couldn’t figure it out. Turns out, the family had a small pottery warehouse. Lol. You would have loved some of the pieces we found, I’m sure!

  163. Too funny – my internet connection at work blocked your site as p0rnography. : ). I love my family, my kitties, vintage sewing machines and, of course, adding to my stash! Thanks! Notwendy gmail

  164. Looking forward to fall when I love to cover up with a quilt and eat a bowl of soup while thinking about my next quilt to make.

  165. I love a quiet day to myself to quilt to my heart’s content. Until I retire, that just doesn’t happen often enough.

  166. I love waking up to a beautiful mountain setting everyday. I love looking out the window to see if the moose slept in our backyard or not. But I currently love that every morning the mountainside changes colors… Becoming more intense with the autumn leaves. And that soon it will be another color of beautiful… Clean, crisp white.

  167. I love it when I find inspiration for a quilt in a very unexpected manner. I have learned to carry a camera with me always so I can capture what I see. I just wish there was more time in my life to turn those inspirations into projects. Thanks!

  168. I love embroidery floss. The feel, the colours, the way my mind gets a thrill when I have a whole wack of them needing to wound onto floss cards. :o)

  169. It is a pleasure to meet you. I like your blog so much that I am going to bookmark it. I like what you are doing.

  170. I love settling in with a good book and a cup of tea. I also love visiting with friends over a glass of wine…and my knitting in my hands.

  171. I love riding horses with my son; watching movies with my daughter; visiting with our oldest daughter and our granddaughter; cooking with my husband; and quilting during my “me” time.

  172. I love the design process of quilting; pickling your pattern , finding the perfect fabric, and making the changes that make it yours.

  173. I love the texture of fabric, the way hand or machine quilting feels as I run my hand over the fabric. I love the variances in a monotone palette, the bright pops of color in a neutral design. I love the feel of yarn, I’m a knitter too, the feel of ribbing or stockinette stitch. I love the look of handsewn or shabby chic or vintage fabrics. So much to love!

  174. I love peatbogs, love, love, love them. I could study Sphagnum and stare into little pools of dark, peat stained water for hours, contemplating life. I guess thats why I did my doctorate on them.

  175. I love quilting visiting my aunt & uncle in Arkansas… I call it my “happy place”… it’s calm, no pressure and we sew/quilt….

  176. I love the vase you covered with the broken china. My grandsons enjoyed working with broken china this summer creating stepping stones.
    Simple treasures!

  177. Of course I love quilting . . . and my family . . . and reading good books, but I also love the fall colors and watching the leaves turn as we move into September.

  178. I love the smell of laundry dried outside on the clothes line. I want to bury my face in it and inhale all the sunshine. I love the way it smells after a rain storm ( we could use more of those, please.) I love cracking open a new book on a lazy summer afternoon.

  179. I love when my children think I can make them absolutely anything…even when I can’t. And I love that you’ve had such a great response to this giveaway. So thrilled for you.

  180. I *love* that my husband is finally home from deployment and has met our three month old son. My heart is full.

  181. I love your stitched robin!! For me, when I am walking I dream up quilts I want to make or have seen and imagine them in different colours and fabrics. I love ‘imagination’.

  182. I love your site! So fresh, young and full of life!

    One of my most favorite things is finding a baby frog in the garden, under a pot or hidden in a leaf. They are the cutest things in the world!

    Thanks for the chance to win that fabulous layer cake. I love words too!

  183. I love your site! So fresh, young and full of life!

    My most favorite thing is finding a baby frog in the garden, under a pot or hiding in a curled leaf.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  184. Fabrics & quilting, antiques/vintage, gardening, chocolate, beach glass, fairies, and my family {Not necessarily in that order. lol}

  185. I love to see blue sky, feel a breeze, hear waves rolling over pebbles, smell the sea air and taste scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, most of all I love to share these things with family.

  186. I love being at the ocean feeling the wind on my face, smelling the ocean air, and listening to the water lap against the shore over and over again…..just a little piece of heaven. I love family, 50’s Rock n Roll, reading a good book, and eating a great dessert after a good meal. I love my friends and sharing my hobbies with them. To sum it up…. I love life!!

  187. I LOVE my grandson, age 6, who is with me right now as I type. This is uber-special because he and his mom, my daughter, flew 2000 miles today to be here for 8 lovely fun and love-filled days. 🙂
    I’m also uber-impressed with your thread-drawing! Love the houses.

  188. I love my family, sewing & fabric of course, brownies, open windows, lots of color, the smell of sunshine in my children’s hair. And mostly, I love Jesus and the undeserving grace he has poured into my life! Thanks for the chance at your lovely fabric! I need to “Slow Down” more and reflect on the very words it expresses.

  189. Above all I love my beautiful daughters! I love that I have so many interests that I don’t have time to be bored and zone out in front of the TV. I love the Autumn and Winter, and the wind in my face. I love the Redwood forests of my Northern California home, and standing on the cliffs above the ocean in the midst of a storm. I know I can’t make a comprehensive list, but that you for reminding me to think about what I love. You’ve made my day!

  190. I love listening to the birds sing through my open bedroom window in the summertime. cdahlgren at live dot com

  191. Right now, I am in love with the sweet smiles of a new granddaughter-it’s been 12 years since we’ve had a little one in the family. We are soaking up all the newness of it!

  192. I love it when I can visit with my BFF Courtney that lives 9 hours away. When ever we get together it is always about sewing!!

  193. I love making things for my family (no children of my own but lots of nieces and nephews and children of good friends). Whether it be quilting, knitting, crocheting, I love the process of starting with wonderful ingredients and ending up with a finished piece that will be cherished long after I am gone.

  194. I love watching through the window on a rainy day, being on the sofa with a blanket, working on whatever sewing or knitting project I have in hands, with the sound of the rain outside surrounding me 🙂

  195. I love going to charity shops and finding things I like. I loooove the summer, as I am a summer baby and don’t get on too well with the cold!

  196. I love my soulmate/husband, roses, clouds, and quilting. And I do love how generous Moda is with freebies of any kind. ps: I fell madly in love with Moda lissa’s quilt using your Hearty Good Wishes. I have the fabric, now have to pick my pattern. I appreciate your talent, wow!

  197. I love everything about quilting from picking fabrics and patterns to sewing on the binding! Creating just fills my soul

  198. I love your pot with the broken pieces of pottery! I love to walk in the park near my home and see how the flowers change through the summer but have never seen any shards of pottery!

  199. I love… too many things! Here are just a few. 🙂 I love the way my cat lounges in the sunshine, having dinner with my family around our large oak table, reading (I’m addicted to the written word), creating quilts from a myriad of fabrics, and that my local quilt shop owner was able to track down a copy of your book “Hearty Good Wishes”.

  200. I love to hike. It’s hard work but the view from the top is so worth it! And I love finding fun critters and flowers along the way! Mountains, here I come! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  201. I love a sunny breezy day outdoors with my kiddos. I also love quiet alone time with my sewing machine. I also hunt for treasures in my backyard- I have quite a collection of glass pieces and some crock fragments– what started as a quest to pick it up so my kids wouldn’t get cut has become a quest to find more unique pieces and colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  202. I love walking my dogs around the neighborhood early in the morning and practicing commands with them. It’s a great bonding time. And I love all that I am learning about quilting!

  203. My husband and I live on 5 acres out in the country and I love sitting on my porch in the morning, listening to the birds, letting my dog run and reading a good book. Love your new fabric line!

  204. I love my family and crafting. I love anything crafty and just about every form of art 🙂 I LOVE it when I have time to sew all day!!

  205. So many things to love. I love my husband and family, and I also love my two cats. One is 20 years old so probably won’t be around much longer. I love quilting, especially the wonderful fabric collections Moda has.

  206. I LOVE what you have done with the Layer Cake quilt AND I Love your machine stitched illustrations! I need to try that!

  207. I love to read blogs and find inspiring quilt pictures. Then I figure out how it was made and draft it using EQ. That is just one of the many things I love. Thank you for the opportunity to win your beautiful fabric.

  208. I love that you love to draw and create!! It makes it much easier for people like me, who cannot draw and create be creative also! Thank you!!

  209. I love an old old sewing machine. Friends have given me a few of those and it’s the stories they tell how that machine came into their lives.
    i.e. my 57 yoa Singer was a first wedding anniversary gift for a dear friend. Her husband has since passed but she always shares stories w/me about the clothing she made for him on that machine, or the quick repairs to his work pants or the little things she sewed to spruce up her kitchen. That machine has a particular “energy” now in my sewing room.

  210. So hard to pick one thing that I love, but I would have to say my Lord first & then my family. Everything else after that is secondary.

  211. I love that Moda does these hops. They are soo informative.
    I love my husband and children most and our 4 legged family.
    I love fall and can’t wait for it to come.
    I love music, sewing, and all things that make me happy. I love friends and sharing.
    Thank you so much for being a part of this so I can now follow you. And for offering a giveaway.

  212. I love to craft and look through craft ideas. I Love to quilt….especially hand quilting with wool!! Thanks for sharing!

  213. I love sewing with my granddaughter. She almost always chooses a fabric that I had planned to use for something else . . . and usually I let her have it anyway. She is very creative, and often what she wants to make finishes up quick. And lovely! These are very special times, and I’m proud of her for being such a good designer and seamstress at age 9.

  214. I loved taking a week of vacation from work to organize my sewing studio. It felt so good to accomplish something and find forgotten projects. I even found $140 !

  215. I too love sketching with my free motion foot. Its just so relaxing 🙂
    “A Field Guide” is graphic neutral heaven!! I can think of a million ways to use this line.

  216. I love visiting The Festival of Quilts with my fabulous friend Anita. The smell of new fabric. Stroking fabric. Mixing colours. Oh and owning it,sewing it, loving it.

  217. I love just going outside and listening! It is amazing what you can see when you listen. I love that I have stumbled upon your blog and I love that I am not the only one who collects bits of broken china!

  218. I love God, my family and that I can wake up each morning in this great USA. I am grateful for all those men and women who have fought for our freedom. I love all things quilting and beautiful fabrics.

  219. I love fall and the cooler weather and everything associated with it – the colors, the cold weather foods and snuggling under a quilt!

  220. What do I love? How about the tote bags that I make for the hospital’s cancer center in my area. My sister passed away last year from brain cancer so this is my way of giving back. I’m even in the mini charm club on Fat Quarter Shop to decorate the totes with awesome little pieces of happiness 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway-love the video by the way!

  221. I love your work! I love making art quilts, working on a lathe and making wooden ornaments, and watercoloring!

  222. I love sunny days, the smell of a bookstore, walking into a fabric store and seeing all the lovely bolts of fabric, my kids, teaching, and God.

  223. I love the patchwork process of cutting and sewing, flowers, bright colors, doodling, reading, giving to others, spending time with friends and family, and so many other things. I’d enjoy winning the cake which reminds me that I love chocolate, too!

  224. I love every aspect of my life right now! So blessed because I love my Hubby (42 year anniversary Sept 9!). He puts up with my quilting addiction! I love my children, grandchildren, my work (911 Dispatcher), my home! Life is wonderful! Only thing I need more of is time to quilt!

  225. I love learning new crafts and art forms. I’m not sure what it is that pulls me in whether it’s the colors, textures, designs, etc….I see beauty in just about anything.

  226. I love life! I love traveling and checking out all the quilt shops along the way but then I miss my sewing time. Thanks for a chance to win.

  227. I love sitting under a warm blanket with a cup of coffee and a good book to read. I also love my new sewing machine because now I will be able to learn how to free motion quilt.

  228. I love my family..quirky as they are. And right now I am loving a charm pack of your ‘Hearty Good Wishes’ I have and am trying to find just the right pattern to put it to good use instead of sitting in the drawer. It will be for one of those quirky family members!

  229. Your ink work is amazing and the bird is so sweet. Birds are one of my loves ~ just watching them when I’m in a lovely garden. I also love my grandchildren and I love making quilts for them. I love interpreting a quilt design in a different way to make my quilt my own!

  230. I love that there are so many creative people that are willing to share their imagination through their blogs. Yours is wonderful, thank you!

  231. I love teaching my four granddaughters how to sew. They are each working on their first quilt. Ages 4, 5, 6 and 7.

  232. I love many things; reading is probably my one ultimate love. I will read anything around me and I could care less about the topic LOL I also love my children (of course!!), painting, teaching painting and sewing of course 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest 🙂

  233. I love chocolate, sleeping in, lakes, beach, bay, stream, fall leaves, spring flowers, my husband, sleeping late, fresh sheets, a beautiful quilt, a perfect stitch, laughter, smiles, a good day….

  234. I love my family. I’m very blessed with a wonderful husband of 34 years, 5 children, a wonderful son in law and The Best Grandson Ever!

  235. I love reading mysteries, a good deep dish pizza, my husband and my two cats, salted caramels, and sunny days – not particularly in that order. Thanks for the give away!

  236. I love my Molly girl. She is a soft-coated wheaten terrier and she bring so much joy to our lives. She makes us laugh every single day. She is the definition of love. Thanks for the chance to win.

  237. I love quiet time when my littles are asleep soI can play at whatever I want and I love how excited they are to see me when they wake up.

  238. I love my sweet husband who is my biggest supporter – especially when it comes to my need to “create” in the mess I call my sewing room! And always I love my babies – no matter how old they get. Looking forward to adding your fabric to my collection! Thanks –

  239. I love finding and collecting quality Vintage Linens. I like to incorporate them into pieces I am sewing. Thanks for the Give Away, I would Love to add it to my Fabric collection to work with~

  240. I love my hubby and my “furbaby”, of course, in addition to that I love quilting, reading, music and visiting the ocean.

  241. I LOVE discovering new bloggers and designers, and now I’ve found you! I’m going to make sure I take time to enjoy your previous posts and see all of the work you’ve been doing. I love books, too, and am anxious to find out what your books are all about.

  242. Oh, goodness! I LOVE your blog! I haven’t been here before, and I just love everything. I love birds and quilting and handwriting and old books. I’m a novelist, so fabrics with letters and words on them always interest me. “Field Guide” looks lovely.

    I love your little pots made with the found dish fragments. How wonderful is that?

    Just wow. 😀

  243. I love hand writing, it was the very first thing I did very well in school…not the smartest student but I have a way with my hand in writing and I have a way with color and knowing how to mix and match.
    After handwriting my second creative love has been fabric,started sewing clothes for myself in my very first and only sewing class (8th grade,some 45 yrs ago!)…I’m new to quilting and love discovering all the possibles!
    Love your style and site!

  244. I love making things for the people I care about. Making things by hand filled with love is the best gift we can give.

  245. I love fabric and colors and the inspiration I get when I see beautiful designs of fabric. I love my husband and my two baby girls.

  246. I love old books too! I had so many before our house burned down. I’m trying to rebuild my collection but they are so much more expensive now than they were then and I’d rather spend my money on fabric. Keep designing, you do a great job!

  247. I love looking at YouTube videos, showcasing quilting ideas or techniques. And, I love reading the quilting blogs. You all inspire me to try new styles and always learning more. Thanks.

  248. I LOVE…fabric. I want it all. I just want to be a millionaire so I can buy all the fabric I want! Just to look at it. Such a happy feeling.:)

  249. I love the Lord. I love my husband. I love my children. I love the beauty in God’s creation. I love the inspiration it gives me to create beautiful treasures that my family and friends can wrap themselves in. Thank you for creating beautiful fabric that also inspires me to make that happen.

  250. I love my husband and my children and my grandchild! I love to spend creative time with creative friends, lunch out, dinner in, a good book, and hiking in Maine…

  251. Love, love your little bird!!

    I love all things pretty, lacey, girlie, flowers, pink, hearts…. I think you get the picture:)


  252. What do I love, oh so much! That first cup of tea in the morning, unearthing some treasure in the Charity shop, my treasures are usually something other people would throw in the bin lol.

  253. I love collecting tickets from places we’ve visited, I love old postcards and photos, I love collecting memories of moments with my daughters. There was a ceramic factory where I live and there are loads of ceramic fragments washed onto the beaches of the lake! You’d have fun collecting here!

  254. I love my family and spending time with them. I love sewing, patchwork, embroidery and creating. Love your website and designs and blog also. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  255. Apart from my family I love that I am now retired and can indulge in my various hobbies.

    Had a good browse on your blog and loved it.


  256. I am a science teacher and I love seeing the excitement in the face of a student who finally understands a concept. What a joy to see the pride they have when they”get it”! And if course my family and quilting!

  257. I LOVE colour, fabrics/threads and stitching: love beach combing at Porthilly, Cornwall and wonder how I can incorporate things with your Hearty Good Wishes fabric! Above all I love my family. Thank you

  258. I love the colors of your books, so they inspire the wordsmith in you but they inspire the color-smith in me. The soft muted blues, pinks, gold’s, grays and soft browns are fabulous. I can see a quilt in these tones.

  259. Well, I loved your drawings and the pen, that it is special, and using grey ink….what fun! I added you to my Favs!

  260. I love the small simple pleasures that occur daily, such as a beautiful flower amongst a field of weeds, a wild rabbit who pauses long enough and close enough for me to take a picture, a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon, and that hour or two after dinner when I curl up on the couch with a good book and some dark chocolate.

  261. I love chilly, windy, rainy days (we don’t get many in Arizona!), I love learning new things, I love spending time with my family, I love new fabric, and I love quilting!

  262. I love to take a pattern and make it my own. I sometimes follow the instructions and other times I do it “my way”.

  263. First and foremost I love my family. Then we move on to fabric, motorcycles, camping, gardening quilting and men with beards

  264. I love seeing how excited my almost 3 year old is about crafting. I have created an art table for her that is full of different art supplies and pictures of artwork from famous artists. She already loves art and I hope it continues!

  265. I love bargain shopping! Whether it is fabric, books, candles, furniture, I love shopping whether it is at the mall, thrift shops, or funky junk shops!! And even better, I LOVE winning FREE stuff!! LOL 🙂

  266. I love my family, the sea, our pets, and almost any type of craft that involves a needle. My grandmother taught me to sew at a young age and I’ve never turned back. When quilting, I love working with colors, fabrics, designs, the construction process, whether it’s piecing or applique, and putting that last stitch into project. As my skill progresses, I find I’m now making more gifts for friends and for donations.

  267. I love a lot of the things you do. There is something really special about writing and drawing with a fountain pen — the flow is natural and seems to be driven by something other than my hand at times. And old things of all kinds — things that were loved and used and worn to pieces. Books that have been read and reread and that have comments written in the margins and loose pages because they have been turned so often. And more.

  268. I love my family. I love sewing and quilting – all needlework actually. I collect houses of all types – except real ones! I just have one of those. Also like chickens and have collected several china and glass chickens. Not roosters but chickens. Love your bird thread drawing.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  269. I love birds! I have them all over the house…not real of course! I especially love line drawings so your art appeals to me very much.
    The bird drawing would make such a lovely accent embroidery on the back of a quilt!

  270. Without interests many people languish in their retirement. I love that I have many interests and that I have been able to transition into retirement so easily. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  271. When I learned cursive in the 3rd grade we were required to use a fountain pen. I didn’t like plain, boring black either. I loved peacock blue! Thanks for sharing!

  272. I love watching the seasons change. Right now summer is ending and I’m watching as the colors of the plants in my garden start changing to red, russet & gold.

  273. I love the feel of a cool breeze coming off the lake, and falling asleep to the sound of waves lapping against the shore.

  274. I love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles with warm woollen mittens Brown paper package’s tied up with string these are a few…of my favourite things….yes the dreamer in me…. :]

  275. I love when my husband comes into my sewing room and starts poking around and pulling out fabrics he likes. Usually they are of a nautical theme and shades of blue so your Hearty Good Wishes fabrics are regularly pulled and projects suggested.

  276. I love summer and being outside but I also love that winter gives you an excuse to get all cosy and do some sewing:-)

  277. I love my family. I love looking at quilt patterns and wondering if I would be able to do them and I love the fact that my friend is now a Moda designer!!

  278. With 600 comments the odds are stacked against me but here goes….I love going to workshops run by very generous and talented people and learning new things!

  279. I love to quilt. Love books and hand stitching on my porch or deck at the lake. Seeing your pen drawings makes me want to get out some pencils and do doodles. Love your technique…barb h.

  280. I love summer at our family’s resort…and I love winters because we’re closed and I get to sew to my heart’s content! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  281. Thanks for all the inspiration.
    When I am out working in the garden I save bird feathers to be incorporated in my future art projects. I’m lucky to have several road runners that frequent are backyard daily, along with a variety of other small birds that leave beautiful feathers for me to find.

  282. I really enjoyed reading all about the things that you love. I can relate to many of them. For me, my heart is happy when my daughter calls me from college just to talk, no reason at all.

  283. I love my family obviously!But I love that they are a little older now and I get to spend a bit of selfish time doing what I want to do!Usually sewing and leaving the hoovering and washing till later!I love that my best friend is pregnant after a long struggle to conceive and hold onto a baby.Now I get to make cute baby things without having to have one myself!

  284. I love family, crisp fall days, my flower garden for color inspiration and working with my hands creating things to give away…AND I love my stash of fabrics!

  285. I love hunting through yard sales and antique shops for antique family recipe books….where the lady of the house would make little notations in it about different ways she liked it done or about her children and grandchildren. I love the heart of the home type cook books

  286. I love the beauty of nature where I see God’s hand in so many things. I love things of our past quilts, old furniture, crocks, dishes and primitives. But creating things with your own two hands is so great. Life is good!!!!

  287. I love my sweet hubby and my amazing six children. I love fabric and love that they appreciate my endless hours of playing with fabric and patterns. Love flowers and gardening and so these two things are the best hobbies ever. Always something to smile about.

  288. The thread drawings are very exquisite as they relate to my hobbies – gardening, the outdoors and nature. Look forward to the new fabric.

  289. I love to sit out in my Florida room and read once the heat of our Florida summers has left…’s almost here!!

  290. Your fountain pen is lovely. I am a fountain pen geek also and can’t seem to get enough. I just added a Platinum Century Nice to my collection and it’s gorgeous.

  291. I love my family, friends, walking on the beach, reading, collecting old books, have a journal of favorite quotes, quilting and sewing. Also love painting furniture with chalk paint!

  292. I love the beach!!! In all sorts of weather … sunny, stormy, windy. I love to walk along the beach. I also love sewing outside.