GypsoInk420wGypsophila420wThis dainty Gypsophila print from my ‘The Wordsmith’ fabric collection is a particular favourite of mine.

As ever I drew and painted from life and sent Moda the original drawings and the resulting fabric is as close to looking at my original painting as it’s possible to achieve.

Gypso1420wGypsoDress420wI have a glamorous vintage dress with gingham bias binding in mind for this fabric and am planning on getting it finished in time to wear to Quilt Market.


I get asked a lot how I find the time to sew and knit and draw.

And the answer does not please many people, because the truth is I don’t find the time (there is no time hiding and waiting to be found) I make the time. 

The dress will be made in the little slips of time between all my other jobs and chores with some late night sewing thrown in for good measure. 

Of course, sometimes I cannot make sufficient time and this may well be the case for my Gypsophila dress but I’m going to have a jolly good try anyway.

Sleep is so last year!

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  1. I really love the gypsophila fabric when will it be available in the UK. As far as time is concerned, I am afraid housework comes very far down in the pecking order!

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