Well, I’m pleased to say that last week is firmly behind me now. And after a weekend of doing absolutely nothing (or as close to it as a working Mum of two with a dog can get away with) I’m ready to tell you about my ‘tell your own story’ course at West Dean with […]


My little blog is four years old! Doesn’t time fly. So naturally, a giveaway is in order. And I have just the thing: Five of my new machine embroidered patches which can be ironed or sewn onto t shirts and babygros, blankets and quilts, tea towels and picnic rugs…     Just leave me a comment and I’ll pick five […]


Just a quick (brisk) note from me today: as I’ve suddenly realised I’ve only got 2 days left before my boys are on holiday for a fortnight. I’ve basically given up trying to work when they’re around.     The pattern for my Hugo the dog is in ‘Stitch’ magazine (issue 64)- so go and get your […]

New to me

The sun shone today for the first time in weeks. Cheering me up and enabling me to take some photos of my new skirt. It’s a Noa Noa skirt found on the rails of my local charity shop for a mere £2.50. And whilst it was certainly a bargain, it wasn’t exactly an interesting skirt. But it […]


Tony and I met on a blind date on Valentine’s day many, many years ago (24 actually!) So we always celebrate and give each other a little gift. This year I have combined the need to make Tony a gift with the need to design another exclusive pattern for my email club. I know, I know… […]

Rose hips

No, I didn’t really have the time to embroider some rose hips. But I did it anyway. Now, I’d better get back to the list…                          


It’s been a good work day today. First, I found out that my workshop at the Festival of Quilts is sold out. Amazing, but true. And then I receive a message from Vintage Bess to tell me that she has very kindly included my grass embroidery in her treasury on Etsy. This is a real first […]


Last night, at bedtime Joe wanted to play lego and I wanted him to put his football kit away. A deal was struck: he could stay up for another twenty minutes and do both. But, when I came to put him to bed he hadn’t managed to do either. So, I was cross and then he cried. After a while, […]

Henry’s Dinosaur

                      I made the Linnet bag in a lovely brown tweed fabric which my friend gave me. I am sure the recipient will love the fabric and she will also be kind enough to ignore the interesting state of the circular base (which is smooth in some areas […]